A Pair of 10/100/1000M Single Fiber 1-port SC/ST/FC & 2-port RJ45 BIDI WDM Fiber Media Converter

A Pair of 10/100/1000M Single Fiber 1-port SC/ST/FC & 2-port RJ45 BIDI WDM Fiber Media Converter

Product #: FMC-GEA-BIDI-1F2T
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Single Fiber 10/100/1000Base Fiber Optic Media Converters means, the 10/100/1000Base auto-sensing single fiber Ethernet media converter converts the electrical signal of a 10/100/1000 Ethernet signal from copper to fiber. This solution will offer a low-cost integration option for network managers who want to migrate from 10/100 networks to Gigabit Ethernet. Gigabit only switches can now be connected to 10/100 networks without the need to upgrade the 10/100 side, allowing network managers to add new equipment gradually.



  • Data rate: 10/100/1000M
  • One 10/100/1000Base-T RJ-45 port autosensing featured
  • One 1000Base-LX/SX Port w/ SC/ST-Type Connector
  • UTP port supports: MDI / MDI-X auto crossover
  • Supporting the max 1536 bytes packets
  • Wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm
  • The transmission of a channel signals can be completed by single fiber. It has doubled in quantity of fiber data transmission compared with twin fiber.
  • Auto negotiation function allows UTP port to auto select 10/100/1000M and Full Duplex or Half Duplex
  • Stand alone or card type can be chosen
  • External or internal power supply



  • Operating standards: IEEE802. 3z/AB, 1000Base-T and 1000Base-SX/LX
  • MAC address table: 4K
  • Data buffer: 256K
  • UTP Connector: RJ-45 10/100Mbps; Fiber Connector: SC 100Mbps
  • UTP Cable: UTP: Cat. 5e or Cat. 6 (the max distance up to 100m)
  • Fiber (single mode): 8. 3/125, 8. 7/125, 9/125, 10/125μ m (the max distance up to 90km)
  • Full Duplex: Supporting standard IEEE802. 3x
  • Half Duplex: Back pressure
  • Power: AC 90 ~ 240V; DC 5V.2A
  • Working temperature: 0 ~ 50℃
  • Storage temperature: -20 ~ 70℃
  • Humidity: 5% ~ 90%(non-condensing)

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