MTRJ Duplex Fiber Optic Adapter

MTRJ Duplex Fiber Optic Adapter

Product #: ADP-MTRJ-DX
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We supply the MTRJ fiber optic adapters, including single mode and multimode types, these MT-RJ fiber adapters are with polymer housing, with flange type adapters and SC footprint types available.


MTRJ fiber optic adapter applications

  • Gigabit Ethernet, Asynchronous Transmission Method (ATM)
  • CATV
  • Video
  • Active Device/Transceiver Interface
  • Premise Installations
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Multimedia
  • Industrial and Military


MTRJ fiber optic adapter features

  • Plug-jack (RJ-45) design
  • TIA/EIA 568-A Compliant

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